Construction Impact on Parking - Community Park, Pool(s) and Splash Pad


Thames Valley District School Board has began site work for the addition of a daycare facility at River Heights Public School and fencing has been installed around the perimeter of the construction site (shown below in red).

As a result, parking will not be available at the school for the remainder of July and August.  Furthermore, the laneway between the school and the municipal office will also be fenced off. This will impact parking for the pool, wading pool and splash pad.


  • The FlightExec Centre parking lot (shown below in blue) with a paved walking path available from this lot to the pool area.
  • Small parking lot (shown below in yellow) – this small area has limited parking spots available and must now be accessed by driving through the municipal parking lot.
  • Parking directly behind and beside the municipal office is prohibited. This is reserved for municipal staff and visitors to the municipal office.