Council Meeting Highlights - January 16, 2023


Mayor McMillan began the meeting by welcoming Closed Meeting Investigator, John Mascarin, Aird & Berlis LLP to present a Virtual Presentation to discuss the topic of Open and Closed Meetings (1.5 hours).

2023 Budget Approved

At the meeting, Council approved the 2023 Municipal Capital Budget with a resulting local municipal tax rate increase of 1.065%. Historically Thames Centre has benefitted from the lowest tax rate in the region and continues to do so.

  • Approved an update to the Development Charge Reserve balances, as required in accordance to Bill 23, the More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022.

The final 2023 Municipal Budget is available on the municipal website.

In Brief

During the meeting, Council also:

  • Received an update on Thames Centre Financial Information Return from the Ministry which confirmed that Thames Centre is at a low-risk level and in a healthy financial standpoint.
  • Approved that the FlightExec Centre Expansion Ad Hoc Committee be re-established and that Staff was directed to contact former community representatives to confirm the interest of re-appointment, advertising in the local newspaper, website and social media as necessary. (Persons interested in being considered for an appointment to the above noted committee are asked to inform Council, in writing, by January 24, 2023). Seeking - Community Representatives - FlightExec Centre Expansion Ad Hoc Committee
  • Mayor McMillan made two verbal reports that on Friday, January 13th, Council and Staff accepted a monetary donation of $5,000 from Doug Tarry Homes towards the future expansion of the Dorchester Inclusive Park. Secondly, that earlier on Monday, January 16th, Mayor McMillan attended an announcement regarding the expansion of SWIFT Rural Broadband in the Municipality of Thames Centre.
  • Approved that all Thames Centre Committees have been determined active and that none were discontinued. 


Next Council Meeting

The next regularly scheduled Thames Centre Council Meeting is set for Monday, January 30, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. Meeting times are subject to change, so please confirm with the meeting agenda when posted.

For More Information

For more details on any of these items, see the full meeting agenda or contact the Municipal Clerk. You can view the meeting on YouTube.

Meeting highlights are prepared to give residents timely updates on council decisions. The Council Meeting Minutes are the official record of the meeting.