Public Education Opportunities and Resources for February 2021

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Public Education Opportunities and Resources for February 2021

Office of the Fire Marshal



Make Your Plan


Download and save a Public Education Planning and Tracking Template that provides a simple format to document all your public education activities from planning to implementation. Using this planning and tracking template helps fire departments produce an annual report on public education activities. Click here for a sample Annual Report Template.



What’s the risk in February?


- 8% of annual loss fires occur in February

- Average of 42 injuries

- Average of 7 fire fatalities


Top ignition sources:

- Cooking equipment

- Heating equipment

- Electrical distribution equipment

*2009-2018 Ontario avg. fire losses, Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management

(injuries and fatalities above are for civilians only)



February’s Fire Safety Concerns

- Cooking equipment

- Heating equipment

- Electrical distribution equipment

- Carbon monoxide





Educational Opportunities


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February 15 is Family Day – Join the Home Fire Escape Plan Challenge!


Encourage families to join the home fire escape plan challenge on Family Day:

- Tweet/post links to the home fire escape planning video (French) and resources (French) in the days and weeks leading up to February 15.

- Urge your social media followers to post selfies/pictures of their families practicing their home fire escape plan using the hashtags #HomeFireEscapePlan and #WeAreFireSafe.

- Challenge local politicians and other high profile members of the community to participate to help build momentum.


Cooking Safety:


Tweet/post links to:

Cooking Fire Safety Info Sheet (French)

Cooking Fire Safety Social Media Cards (French) and tweets (French)

- Contact local schools teaching grades 7 to 12 and ask to do virtual presentations on cooking fire safety. Use the What’s Cooking for Teens! (French) resource to educate teenagers about cooking and other fire safety issues in the home


Heating Safety:

Tweet/post links to:

Heating fire safety resources (French)

- The gas fireplace safety video (French)


Electrical Safety:

Tweet/post links to:

Electrical fire safety resources (French)

- More resources and information are available from the Electrical Safety Authority


Carbon Monoxide:

 Tweet/post links to:

Carbon monoxide safety resources (French)

- More resources are available from TSSA at and here


Winter Fire Safety Tips:


- Tweet/post links to TSSA’s WinterWise Booklet and WinterWise Brochure



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Tweet/Post Links to:

Smoke alarm resources (French)

Carbon monoxide alarm resources (French)




Tweet/post links to:

Home fire escape planning resources (French)

High-rise fire safety (French)



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Email us if you have questions about public education in your community. Let us know about specific programs that work well in your community or specific public education topics you would like addressed in an upcoming notice.


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