Columbarium Information Sheet

The Dorchester Union Cemetery has options for placing cremated human remains into a niche compartment, which is part of a columbarium structure. Currently these options are in the North Cremation Garden located in the northwest corridor of the cemetery.

  • A Columbarium is an above ground unit providing an alternative from cremation burials
  • Each columbarium consists of 72 niches
  • The niches are either 12" x 12" x 12" or 12.5" x 12.5" x 14" depending on the structure
  • Two urns are permitted to be inurned in each niche
  • There are different levels of niches ranging in price listed in the Dorchester Union Cemetery Price List
  • A bronze plaque is required to be purchased at the time Interment Rights for a niche is purchased Flowers are not permitted to be placed in front of the columbarium structures, however, there is a flower bath located in the center of the columbarium area for any flowers/plants to be left (no glass) reflecting those inurned in a niche.
  • The Rules and Regulations for the Columbarium are in the Regulations By-law on the cemetery page.


Columbarium Walls